Welcome to Mantra

Welcome to Mantra

The “Mantra” restaurant in Palo Alto, California is a joined effort and ambitious collaboration of two highly skilful chefs, Sachin Chopra & Ashwani Dhawan. With great sensibility and passionate entrepreneurship the team has manage to bring together the best of two continents. With the extensive knowledge and use of Indian spices, in combination with the unique and fresh California style, the fantastic “Mantra” experience was formed.

While not overpowering with the flavours and spices used, a well balanced mixed has been a great favourite amongst Indian food in the city of Palo Alto. Also to add to the unique cuisine that is being served, a seductive collection of wines have given strength to the attractiveness of the whole dining experience.

The restaurant is being held at the old Bijou theater, which is filled with contemporary art creating a spectacular ambiance, unified with a Indian theme of colours and decorations. It’s really something that needs to be seen to be believed! Acclaimed by the critics, yet serving for everyone. We welcome you to delight in the experience of our popular Indian, Mantra restaurant.

About Mantra

Mantra introduces new healthier California Fresh Summer Menu as well as new Ethnic Indian Choices. We also offer a great selection of live music on weekends. From Contemporary Latin Jazz, to Sitar, Bolywood & Arabic music. Come to enjoy with us for Lunch, Dinner or Lounge!