Our Favourite Indian Foods: Delhi

We would like to start of by presenting to you some our “all time favourites” within the Indian delicacies available today. Of course, all of the dishes presented here are also available in our restaurant menu. In fact, we mostly recommend them for first timers, and for those who are new to Indian as well as Asian food. Rest assured, these are not just favourited by Americans and us, but also they are very known in the whole of India. So jump in, and let’s tart the journey of food, culture and travel!

First a representative of the capital of city in India, Delhi. There the food is known as part of the “Mughlai cuisine” which is as tasty as ever and ranges from extremely spicy to mild. So there is something for everyone. It’s actually heavily influeced by Pakistani cuisine as well as the cuisine from Karachi. While the range of influence is broad, the Mughlai cuisine is well established and recognised as it’s own genre of Indian food.


Korma DishAnd our favourite dish, known as “Korma” is a Delhi delight that probably originates from somewhere around South Asia. It consists of braised meat or vegetables and a spicy sauce that’s made with yogurt, cream and nut paste. While there are a lot of braised dishes in India, this one has a very special texture and tasty flavour because of it’s ingredients. In our restaurant, we prefer to add chicken to take the overall flavour to it’s heights!

For desert, we recommend the Sheer khurma which is a sort of vermicelli pudding that is especially popular amongst muslims. We’ll cover another Indian location in our next post so stay tuned!

Blogging About Food & Culture

Blogging Food Culture

We’ve decided to extend the fine dining experience and make this website more dynamic, with interesting articles about anything related to food, india or travel and culture. For us at Mantra, dining is is a profound experience. For all the many previous years, we have been concentrating on bringing a mix of culture and the best of both worlds in the form of a plate. But we have a further passion, and that is to write about it, not just eat! So as a natural course of action, we came up with an idea to put up new content every once in a while. We want to attract not just food lovers, but food adventurers.

We want to share experiences in India and it’s neighbouring countries in Asia. We want to show you the differences of Chinese food, and Indian food. There is so much to explore, and simply running our restaurant is not enough. We want to become friends with out customers, and want you to know us.

Being transparent in business is one thing, and the other one is being transparent people. This is an issue so dear to us, yet we sew few businesses or restaurants engaging in it. That’s why, we will do our utmost best to give everyone a good example. Join with us for the adventure, in Palo Alto and beyond!