Miss Julie's Monologue: A Reflection on Letting Go

a. Who says this?

Miss Julie says this quote in August Strindberg's play.

b. What does the speaker mean by 'go sailing down, down'?

The speaker, Miss Julie, means to express her desire to let go of her troubles and responsibilities.

c. Why are the leaves tired?

The leaves are tired as a metaphor for Miss Julie's exhausted emotional state.

Miss Julie says the given quote in August Strindberg's play. She wishes to 'go sailing down, down' as an expression of giving up on her troubles, comparing herself to tired, life-drained leaves ready to fall.

The quote, "want to turn loose my hold on everything, and go sailing down, down, just like one of those poor tired leaves," is from the character of Miss Julie in August Strindberg's play, 'Miss Julie'. Miss Julie utters these words during a monologue.

When she talks about wanting to 'go sailing down, down', she's expressing a desire to let go of all her troubles and responsibilities, to give up in a way. She's comparing herself to a leaf falling from a tree. The 'tired leaves' metaphorically refers to her exhausted state, emotionally, just like leaves that are drained of life at the end of their life cycle and fall from the tree.

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