Personal Hygiene: The Key to Health and Well-being

What is one of the key aspects of personal hygiene?

a. using heavy perfumes

b. washing your skin only when you feel dirty

c. daily bathing or showering

d. avoiding breath mints because not everyone likes the smell of them

Final answer: The basic of personal hygiene is c. daily bathing or showering.


The basic of personal hygiene is c. daily bathing or showering.

Personal hygiene is crucial for maintaining one's health and well-being. Among the options provided, the correct answer is c. daily bathing or showering. Daily bathing or showering helps remove dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells from the body, preventing the buildup of harmful bacteria and odor. It also promotes good skin health and helps prevent skin infections. Additionally, it contributes to overall cleanliness and a fresh feeling, which is essential for personal comfort and social interactions.

Daily bathing or showering is a simple yet effective practice that supports good personal hygiene. It helps in the prevention of various skin issues and ensures that you are clean and presentable in your daily life. Regularly cleansing your body with soap and water is a fundamental aspect of personal care, and it should be incorporated into one's daily routine to maintain optimal hygiene.

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