Calculating Density of a Substance

What is the density of a substance with 12.34 g of mass and 356.7 mL of volume?

a) 0.0346 g/mL

b) 0.998 g/mL

c) 1.234 g/mL

d) 1.998 g/mL


The correct answer is a) 0.0346 g/mL.

To calculate the density of a substance, you need to divide the mass of the substance by its volume. In this case, the given mass is 12.34 g and the volume is 356.7 mL. By dividing the mass by the volume, we get:

Density = Mass / Volume = 12.34 g / 356.7 mL = 0.0346 g/mL

Therefore, the density of the substance is 0.0346 g/mL.

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