Chinese Performing Beijing Acrobatic Show Prospect at Mantra

Coming back to the subject of our dear India neighbouring country of China. Our plans for a Chinese night with a menu filled with Chinese cousine is approaching to concrete solutions. We have been talking about it a lot and communicating with the Chinese end on what could we possibly bring here to Palo Alto, other than just food. Of course, as we mentioned the Panda show before, something in the name of performance has been high on our list of suggestions. Now the unfortunate problem with Shichahai Theatre was that they really don’t have any internationa experience. So bringing the act here to the US would be a lot of work, trying to organise everything for them. It would be benefitial for all of us, if the group can organise the trip for themselves and all other necessities. Then we could concentrate on what we do best, which is cooking of course. While enjoying the performance itself with all our customers.

Acrobatic Performance in Beijing

Then we found a very special troupe that already has international recognision in many countries of the world. It is a world famous Beijing acrobatic show that is held at the Chaoyang Theater in their proud city which we have had the great honor of visiting. But Mantra has little experience over any kind of acrobatic performances. We just felt that this is something, that is like original Chinese. Having some experience of acrobatic performance in circus from in India, we know that it’s more likely something that can be enjoyed by everyone. Since we want all our customers to be happy and to find something from Chinese culture that they like, on top of Indian culture of course. It is because of that, why acrobatics could be our best bet.

In fact, we want to put this into a small vote. So we welcome any comments about if they think that this is a good idea or not. Do check out the Chaoyang Theatre Trailer on YouTube to see some of the highlights of what to expect from the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe. Knowing that the Panda show was amazing because we went to see it, and that is a small production. This one at the Chaoyang Theatre is probably one of the biggest productions in at least acrobatic form.. if not in the whole of China, surely in the whole of the city of Beijing.

A combination of Indian Food and the above YouTube trailer has been warming us up to thinking that this just right might be somewhat of a destiny. The contact with the theatre in question came to us by surprise, since we started to engage with the performing arts community in Beijing.. all of a sudden it all started to come to us in a very active form. This vibrant, and motivated atmosphere is excellent and what we not only look up to but also try to live up to in regards to our Mantra restaurant.

Chinese Acrobatic Show

I mean, just think about it. If we would have Palo Alto with a Chinese acrobatic show. Sounds almost too good to be true, and hilarious at the same time. But as our dishes trancend, so should all of our experiences. We welcome the unknown as well as new things, through tradition. Just the traditions of Indian food and Chinese acrobat performance are very similar in terms of depth and profoundness. Connecting them together doesn’t sound obscure to us at all, instead mix is what our restaurant has been all about in these years. And what better mix there could be, than culture and history itself.

It’s a great time to be living in our multi-exciting land of California. Let’s join together for some fun and remember to drop by Mantra anytime soon. Cheers everyone, and don’t forget to voice your opinion about this acrobatic prospect!=)

6 Comments on “Chinese Performing Beijing Acrobatic Show Prospect at Mantra
  1. I have never seen a Chinese acrobatic show. But it certainly sounds amazing to me. If your project is going to work out, I will definitely come to see it at Mantra. Best of luck!

    Donald M.

  2. Hello my Mantra friends! I have indeed experience of the Beijing acrobats, since I visited China back in 2009. It’s a while back, but it was simply a mind blowing experience. I couldn’t believe that news when I read your post and really encourage you to get this massively skilful troupe to Palo Alto! I am really into Chinese food too so this sounds like a dream come true. Just hope it really does come true, right! =)

  3. My friend Sachin Dhawan. What a brilliant idea for culture exchange, I would love to learn more about China, Chinese food and of course the performing arts. That’s a +1 from me! //Carolyn.

  4. Much thanks for your lovely comments, and real sorry about the spam that was here. It has been all removed. Please enjoy commenting again!

    Your admin,

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