How to Use the HSI SEL Button in Aviation Cockpit

What is the HSI SEL button used for?

Is the HSI SEL button a crucial function for pilots?


The HSI SEL button is an important aviation control that allows pilots to select the source of navigational data for the Horizontal Situation Indicator in an airplane's cockpit.

The HSI SEL button, short for Horizontal Situation Indicator Selector button, is a key feature in an airplane's cockpit. This button allows pilots to choose the origin of the navigational data displayed on the Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI). The HSI is a primary instrument that provides pilots with crucial information about the aircraft's position, heading, and track relative to navigation aids.

By pressing the HSI SEL button, pilots can switch between different sources of navigational data, such as VOR, GPS, or Localizer. This capability is essential for maintaining accurate navigation and situational awareness during flight. Pilots rely on the HSI SEL button to ensure they have the most reliable and up-to-date information while flying.

In conclusion, the HSI SEL button plays a significant role in aviation safety by enabling pilots to select and monitor the navigational data displayed on the Horizontal Situation Indicator. It is a critical function that helps pilots navigate the skies with precision and confidence.

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