Characteristics of SMART Goals

SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. These characteristics help individuals and organizations set clear objectives and track their progress towards achieving them.


A specific goal is clear and well-defined. It answers the questions of what needs to be accomplished, who is involved, why it is important, and where it will take place. Specific goals prevent vague or ambiguous objectives.


A measurable goal allows progress tracking and evaluation. It includes concrete criteria for measuring success, such as quantifiable data or observable behaviors. Measuring progress helps in staying motivated and focused on achieving the goal.


An achievable goal is realistic and attainable within the given resources and constraints. It considers the abilities and limitations of individuals or teams involved. Setting goals that are too far out of reach can lead to frustration and demotivation.


A relevant goal is aligned with the overall objectives and priorities of the individual or organization. It should have a direct impact on the desired outcomes and contribute to the larger mission or vision. Goals that are relevant help in maintaining focus and momentum.


A time-bound goal specifies a deadline or time frame for achieving the objective. It creates a sense of urgency and helps in prioritizing tasks. Setting deadlines ensures that progress is being made and increases accountability.

While all the characteristics mentioned above are essential for setting SMART goals, one characteristic stands out as not belonging to the list - without limits. Goals should have limits or boundaries to make them achievable and measurable. Without limits, goals can become unrealistic or unattainable, making it challenging to track progress and evaluate success.

All of the following are characteristics of SMART goals except A. measurable. B. specific. C. attainable. D. without limits.

The answer is C. Attainable.

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