The Calm and Collected Character in "The Upturned Face" by Stephen Crane

Who appears to be more calm and collected in "The Upturned Face" by Stephen Crane, the adjutant or Timothy Lean?

Timothy Lean appears to be more calm and collected compared to the adjutant in "The Upturned Face" by Stephen Crane. This can be supported by specific references to the text: 1. The adjutant is described as having "lips slightly parted" and "wide, staring eyes," which suggests a state of agitation and unease. 2. On the contrary, Timothy Lean is portrayed as "quiet" and "thoughtful" throughout the story, maintaining a composed demeanor even in challenging situations. 3. When faced with a disturbing scene, the adjutant expresses shock and distress, while Timothy Lean approaches it with calmness and rationality. 4. The adjutant's behavior becomes increasingly erratic and desperate, in contrast to Timothy Lean's steadfast and level-headed approach. 5. Timothy Lean's final words, "Let us wait," further demonstrate his tranquility and composure under pressure. Overall, Timothy Lean emerges as the character who embodies calmness and collectedness in "The Upturned Face" by Stephen Crane.

The Calm Demeanor of Timothy Lean

In "The Upturned Face" by Stephen Crane, Timothy Lean's character is portrayed as the epitome of calmness and collectedness. Throughout the story, even in the face of adversity, Timothy maintains a quiet and thoughtful demeanor that sets him apart from the adjutant. One key aspect of Timothy Lean's character is his ability to remain composed in challenging situations. When confronted with distressing scenes or disturbing events, Timothy reacts with a calm and rational approach. This is evident when he discovers the drowned woman and responds with a quiet observation, "She's dead." In contrast, the adjutant's reactions to the same situations are characterized by shock, agitation, and desperation. His physical demeanor, with lips slightly parted and wide, staring eyes, indicates a lack of composure and collectedness compared to Timothy Lean. Timothy Lean's tranquility in the face of danger is a recurring theme in the story. Despite the adjutant's attempts to shake him out of his calmness, Timothy remains steadfast and unwavering, providing logical explanations for their actions. Timothy Lean's final words, "Let us wait," encapsulate his composed and collected nature. Even in moments of uncertainty and danger, Timothy's ability to maintain a level-headed approach sets him apart as the more calm and collected character in "The Upturned Face." In conclusion, Timothy Lean's character in "The Upturned Face" by Stephen Crane exemplifies calmness and collectedness. His quiet demeanor, rational responses, and unwavering composure distinguish him as the character who remains calm and collected even in the most challenging circumstances.
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