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Norma's Priorities

Norma Kimbrough is a hardworking single mother with two young children. Norma is always putting her family first, no matter what challenges come her way. Her main priorities include providing a stable and nurturing environment for her kids, ensuring they have access to quality education, and building a secure future for her family.


Norma's family is the most important thing in her life. She is dedicated to creating a loving and supportive household where her children can thrive. Norma makes sure to spend quality time with her kids, engaging in activities they enjoy and creating lasting memories together.


Norma believes that education is the key to success. She is committed to ensuring that her children receive the best possible education, whether through enrolling them in top schools or providing educational resources at home. Norma values learning and encourages her kids to excel academically.

Financial Stability

As a single mother, Norma understands the importance of financial stability. She works hard to provide for her family's needs and save for the future. Norma is focused on creating a secure financial foundation for her children, so they can have opportunities for success as they grow up.

Community Involvement

Norma also values giving back to her community. She volunteers at local organizations, participates in community events, and teaches her children the importance of helping others. Norma believes in making a positive impact on the world around her and instilling those values in her kids.

What are Norma's main priorities in life?

Norma's main priorities in life revolve around her family, education for her children, financial stability, and community involvement.

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