Which types of clouds are associated with thunderstorms?

Which types of clouds usually produce thunderstorms?
A. Cumulus clouds
B. Cirrus clouds
C. Stratus clouds
D. Nimbostratus clouds

The types of clouds that are typically associated with thunderstorms are:

D. Nimbostratus clouds

Nimbostratus clouds are thick, dark clouds that often produce heavy rain showers, thunder, and lightning. These clouds are usually associated with steady precipitation and can bring prolonged periods of rainy weather.

Unlike cumulus clouds, which are fluffy and puffy in appearance, nimbostratus clouds are dense and cover the sky in a layer that blocks out the sun. They are often found at mid to low altitudes and are commonly seen during overcast, gloomy days.

When nimbostratus clouds are present, it is a good indication that there may be a prolonged period of rain or a thunderstorm on the way. These clouds are vital in predicting weather patterns and understanding the likelihood of precipitation in a given area.

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