Food is Mantra

Mantra Experience

I am not sure if everyone really knows the meaning of the word mantra, but at least most people have heard of it. However, the idea behind our restaurant is that even though we represent a state of “Mantra” in our food. It is not words that we are eating, and therefore the experience itself represents exactly that.. for even those who don’t know it’s meaning. The essence is something given from us to our customers, which is one of the most happy things in our daily lives of running the business.

You could say that for us, food is a spiritual experience. Because it is the heritage from India that we want to continue and respect in our cooking. But really the magic here is the one without words. As we strongly believe that when people eat our Indian dishes, they fall in love if they are sensitive enough to our secret ingredient of love. And then, want to come back again and again. Up to the point, that we have gotten a lot of regulars that to us are like furniture. While we don’t keep a regular seat for anyone, it is as if by some spiritual miracle that often enough those very seats prefered by our regulars are open upon arrival. It’s a really strange thing, and has happened so many times that we don’t considered it that strange anymore!

Besides that, we just want to give an example to our neighbours and fellow citizens on how to run an ethical business. If you don’t belive me, please come and check us out. It is most likely that you will at least get a smile from us. And those who don’t want to smile, be prepared since it can be contageous.

At some point we thought that if our food doesn’t make people smile, we would give it for free. But then we realised that probably a lot of people would just fake not to laugh. Right! But we don’t need to make such promises, since we are seeing the effects with our own eyes. It’s a great life to run a restaurant in such a great city as Palo Alto. Food is the Mantra experience!

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