How to Use Indefinite Articles in French?

Is this indefinite article un or une?

Which article should be used with the following nouns: drapeau, sac-a-dos, règle, feutre, porte, cahier


Un drapeau, un sac-a-dos, une règle, un feutre, une porte, un cahier

Bonjour! In French, the use of indefinite articles depends on the gender of the noun. Here is the correct way to use indefinite articles with the given nouns:

  • Un drapeau (masculine)
  • Un sac-a-dos (masculine)
  • Une règle (feminine)
  • Un feutre (masculine)
  • Une porte (feminine)
  • Un cahier (masculine)

Remember, in French, the indefinite article "un" is used with masculine nouns, while the indefinite article "une" is used with feminine nouns. Practice using these articles with different nouns to improve your French language skills. Keep up the good work!

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