What Are Some Animals That Live in Different Habitats?

What are some animals that live in different habitats?

There are various animals that live in different habitats, ranging from lions and wolves to rabbits and bears. Each animal has adapted to their respective habitat in order to survive and thrive. Let's explore some examples of animals and the habitats they live in.

Animals in Different Habitats:


The lion lives in a den or lair known as a tanière. This habitat provides protection and shelter for the lion and its pride.


Wolves also live in dens similar to lions. These dens serve as a safe place for wolves to rest and raise their young.


Rabbits live in burrows called terriers. These underground tunnels provide rabbits with protection from predators and harsh weather conditions.


Bears inhabit caves or dens known as antres. These secluded areas offer bears a place to hibernate during winter months.

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