Analysis of Population Figures in Major Cities

What are the top 5 cities with the highest population in the world?

The top 5 cities with the highest population in the world are:

  1. Tokyo, Japan - 37,833,000
  2. Delhi, India - 30,290,000
  3. Shanghai, China - 27,058,500
  4. Sao Paulo, Brazil - 22,043,028
  5. Mumbai, India - 22,042,538

Population data of major cities around the world provide insights into urbanization trends and the concentration of people in specific areas. Tokyo, Japan, tops the list with a population of 37,833,000, making it the most populous city globally.

Delhi, India, follows closely behind with a population of 30,290,000, emphasizing India's significant population density. Shanghai, China, ranks third with 27,058,500 residents, highlighting China's urban development.

Sao Paulo, Brazil, comes in fourth place with 22,043,028 inhabitants, showcasing South America's urban centers. Lastly, Mumbai, India, also has a population of 22,042,538, demonstrating the high concentration of people in Indian cities.

These top 5 cities depict the ongoing urbanization and population growth happening worldwide, with Asia and South America prominently featured in the list due to their large populations and rapid urban expansion.

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