Arable Land: A Vital Resource for Agriculture

What is the primary use of arable land?

A. Mining

B. Construction

C. Grazing

D. Farming

Final answer:

Arable land is best suitable for farming, a key aspect of agriculture worldwide.


The primary use of arable land is for agriculture, specifically for farming. This type of land is utilized to grow crops and plays a crucial role in providing food for the global population.

Exploring the Significance of Arable Land in Agriculture

Arable land is essential for sustaining agricultural activities around the world. It refers to land that is most suitable for cultivation, allowing farmers to grow various crops to meet the increasing demand for food.

With the global population on the rise, the importance of arable land cannot be overstated. Agriculture relies heavily on this type of land to produce staple crops such as wheat, rice, and corn, which form the basis of many diets worldwide.

Moreover, arable land represents a significant portion of the Earth's ice-free land mass, highlighting its critical role in supporting food production systems. As agricultural practices continue to evolve and adapt to meet changing demands, the sustainable use of arable land is paramount to ensuring food security for future generations.

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