Free Diver's Depth Change Journey

What is the average change in depth per minute for a free diver who dives to a depth of 175 feet in 7 minutes?


A. -25 feet

B. 25 feet

Final answer:

The average change in depth for the diver is -25 feet per minute, indicating a descent. In real-world diving, this speed could vary due to factors like pressure and the need to manage buoyancy.

The question we are addressing concerns calculating the mean change in depth per minute of a free diver's journey. To find this, we would divide the total change in depth (175 feet) by the total time (7 minutes).

This gives 175 ÷ 7 = 25 feet per minute. Considering the direction, it's negative -25 feet per minute as the diver is going downwards, below the surface.

This calculation is quite simplified. Actual dives may not proceed at a constant pace. This is due to the increasing pressure with depth when diving, which affects the body's air pockets and requires careful management of a diver's buoyancy.

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