Review the Steps for Gloving

What is the procedure for gloving?

Answer: Gather the supplies: hand sanitizer and sterile gloves. Perform hand hygiene. Open the sterile gloves on a dry, flat, clean work surface. Remove the outer package by separating and peeling apart the sides of the package. Grasp the inner package and lay it on a clean, dry, flat surface at waist level. Open the top flap away from your body; open the bottom flap toward your body. Open the side flaps without contaminating the inside of the wrapper or allowing it to close. With your nondominant hand, use your thumb and index finger to only grasp the inside surface of the cuff of the glove for your dominant hand. Lift out the glove, being careful to not touch any surfaces and holding the glove no more than 12-18″ above the table without contaminating the sterile glove; carefully pull the glove over your hand. Use your non-dominant, non sterile hand to grasp the flap of the package, and hold the package steady. With the sterile glove on your dominant hand, hold 4 fingers together of the gloved hand to reach in the outer surface of the cuff of the sterile glove, reaching under the folded cuff and with the thumb outstretched to not touch the second sterile glove. Lift the glove off the package without breaking sterility. While holding the fingers of the nondominant hand outstretched and close together, tuck your thumb into the palm, and use the sterile dominant hand to pull the second sterile glove over the fingers of the nondominant hand. After the second sterile glove is on, interlock the fingers of your sterile gloved hands, being careful to keep your hands above your waist. Do not touch the inside of the package or the sterile part of the gloves with your bare hands during the process. Maintain sterility throughout the procedure of donning sterile gloves.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Choose the right glove size for your hands: Your gloves should feel comfortable, and you need to be able to move your hands. Consider taking off jewelry. It may make your gloves feel more comfortable. Prepare a clean work area: Wipe surfaces that are not washable and before you place the glove package on the surface. Wash your hands: Wash your hands and wrists. Use liquid soap from the dispenser that is required for your specific job application. Do not touch anything or any supplies once you wash your hands. Open the package: Open the outer glove package. Place the gloves on a sterile table. The gloves will have an inner wrapping around them. Carefully open the inner wrapper so not to contaminate the gloves. You will see both gloves with cuffs. Put on the first glove: Start with your dominant hand. Hold the glove on folded edge which is the cuff. Slip your hand into the glove. Wear the glove keeping your hand flat and your thumb tucked in. Touch only the part of the glove that will be next to your skin. Leave the cuff on the glove folded. Prepare to put on the second glove: Slip the fingers of your gloved hand into the other glove only touching the folded cuff. Lift up the second glove. Put on the second glove: Pull the glove over your fingers keeping your hand flat. Keep the gloved thumb up and back to keep from touching your bare palm or wrist. Pull the glove over your hand. Adjusting the gloves: Adjust each glove to get a snug fit. Reach under the cuffed part to pull up or adjust the gloves. Avoid touching anything once the gloves are on your hands: Keep your hands in front of you and above your waist. Don’t touch anything outside of the sterile field. Start over again if you break the sterile procedure: Remove the gloves, throw them away and get a new package of gloves. Time to start over!
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