The Impact of the Mexican-American War on Mexican Citizens

What challenges did Mexican citizens living in the Mexican Cession face as a result of the Mexican-American War?

Final answer: Following the Mexican American War, Mexican citizens in the Mexican Cession became U.S. citizens under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo but faced loss of land, legal disenfranchisement, and racial discrimination.

Becoming U.S. Citizens

Explanation: As a result of the Mexican American War and the subsequent Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexican citizens living in the territory known as the Mexican Cession faced significant challenges. Many of these individuals chose to become U.S. citizens, following the Treaty's provisions, which essentially promised to uphold their property rights and cultural heritage. However, these promises quickly unraveled, leading to decades of struggle.

Loss of Land and Legal Disenfranchisement

Explanation: Mexican and Spanish land deeds were declared 'imperfect' by the United States government, throwing the legality and ownership of their lands into question. Legal protections were insufficient, resulting in Mexican-Americans losing their lands to white settlers and becoming laborers, sometimes on the very properties they had once owned.

Racial Discrimination

Explanation: Discriminatory laws like California's Greaser Act added to the systematic disenfranchisement and racial discrimination against Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, further alienating them from society.

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