Why did populists support William Jennings Bryan?

What were the reasons behind the Populist Party's support for William Jennings Bryan?

a. Bryan argued against bimetallism. b. Bryan promised to leave the democratic party. c. Bryan supported many populist reforms. d. Populists controlled the democratic party.

Final answer:

The Populist Party supported William Jennings Bryan because he advocated for the use of a silver-based monetary system and supported many populist reforms. They also saw him as a candidate who embodied their goals.

In the late 19th century, the Populist Party threw their support behind William Jennings Bryan for several key reasons. Firstly, Bryan argued against bimetallism and instead advocated for the use of a silver-based monetary system. This stance resonated with many farmers and workers who believed that a silver currency would benefit them economically.

Furthermore, Bryan's support for various populist reforms, such as the regulation of railroads and an income tax, further endeared him to the Populist Party. They saw him as a candidate who understood their struggles and was willing to fight for their causes.

Despite Bryan being a Democrat, the Populists viewed him as a candidate who could help advance their agenda and bring about the changes they desired. By supporting Bryan, the Populist Party believed they had a better chance of seeing their reformist goals realized.

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