Mantra Panda Show and Chinese Performing Arts

Artistic Picture of Beijing Performing Arts

It doesn’t always feel like that, but China is really close to India. A neighbouring country in fact. Besides being close neighbours, the two cultures have had a lot of influence between each other. The biggest influences have been in food culture, with Chinese restaurants being commonplace in most Indian cities. While we love Chinese food as much as Indian food, there is a lot more you can discover and enjoy while eating it!

Having extensively traveled in China and seen many shows from there, we wanted to invite some group to Palo Alto so that we could do a bit of a mix of culture kind of thing. This project is still in the planning phase and for that we have been visiting several theaters in China to seek for possible co-operation. The results have been wonderful!

While not everyone might not know so much about China, everyone knows Pandas right! One of the most famous symbols of China, well known all around the nation of India has taken theatre form in the capital city of Beijing. As soon as we heard about it, we thought to ourselves that we just have to go and see it. We were absolutely thrilled how entertaining such a show is, especially because it is flavoured with both kung fu martial arts as well as old Beijing culture. This show, which is held at the beautiful Shichahai Theatre in the centre of the capital is a proud example of Chinese performing arts. We instantly thought that customers of our Mantra restaurant would love the Panda action too! That’s why we have started conversations with them to try and see if we could get them to come here for everyone to enjoy.

Our plan would be to design a special Chinese menu which would replace the regular Indian menu just for the occasion.  In return of course, we would do the same in China, where we would bring Indian food to their plates to enjoy. This kind of a cultural exchange program is a big dream of us that we hope to see become reality in the future. Also we are also looking at other theatrical performances in case, as such a huge project is not going to be easy we need to have a plan B, C and so on.

If any of our readers have any experiences from China, especially when it comes to the performing arts. Please let us know in the comments. Or if you have visited the panda kung fu show at Shichahai Theatre, we would be thrilled to know more about it. Now back in Palo Alto, we are cooking some of our favourite dishes to get into the mood. See you soon guys at the Mantra Palo Alto blog!

Namaste and regards,
Sachin, Dhawan.

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