Doctors Assigned to Sponsors in the TRICARE Network

What are doctors who are assigned to sponsors and also part of the TRICARE provider network called?

1) health maintenance organizations
2) point-of-service plans
3) preferred provider networks
4) primary care managers


Doctors part of the TRICARE provider network assigned to sponsors are referred to as primary care managers.

Doctors who are assigned to sponsors and are also part of the TRICARE provider network are called primary care managers (PCMs). The TRICARE system is associated with the U.S. military health system and offers healthcare services to military personnel, retirees, and their dependents. PCMs are responsible for providing care to their patients within this network and managing referrals to specialists.

The key difference between a fee-for-service healthcare system and one based on health maintenance organizations (HMOs) is in the method of reimbursement. In a fee-for-service arrangement, providers get paid for every service they deliver, while in an HMO, providers are paid a set fee per enrolled individual, regardless of the number of services provided. This shift in healthcare provision aims to manage costs and reduce the moral hazard of overutilization inherent in a fee-for-service model.

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