Newborn Stool Changes After Breastfeeding

What would the nurse expect to find while observing the stool of a newborn who has begun to breast-feed?

A newborn who has started breastfeeding will initially pass which type of stool?
A) Greenish black, tarry stool
B) Yellowish-brown, seedy stool
C) Yellow-gold, stringy stool
D) Yellowish-green, pasty stool


The nurse would expect to find option A) Greenish black, tarry stool.

When a newborn has just started breastfeeding, the nurse would expect to find greenish-black, tarry stools. These types of stools are called meconium and are a natural occurrence in newborns.

Meconium is a substance that accumulates in the fetal intestines during pregnancy. It is sterile and bacteria-free, making it the initial stool passed by newborns. As the baby begins to digest breast milk, the meconium will gradually clear and transition to a yellowish-brown, seedy appearance.

This transition in stool color and texture indicates that the newborn has started processing breast milk, which is a crucial step in their development and growth.

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