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Time has passed at tremendous speed! There are a lot of news, but let me start with apologizing about the comment spam. It was a total surprise for us, and because we have been so busy cooking Indian food as well as with other activities. Seems like the spammers were free to flood the site with commenst for a large number of days unfortunately. Sorry about that, the situation has been fixed and should never happen again!

Now that this has been taken care of. Let me go to the second subject, which is that I want to thank all the great people who participated in the Chinese night. Especially the absolutely fantastic acrobatic troupe from Beijing, we could have never had such a fun night without you. Everyone seems to be pleased as well and we felt that our duty has been accomplished for this part of the idea. To bring together India, United States and China in a closer relationship of food, as well as culture.

German Food

Many people think that Chinese food is so different from Indian dishes. But it’s not that different. In fact what we observed was that everyone who seemed to love Indian food, loved Chinese food as well. Which is why we have decided to continue with our humble mission of bringing cultures together through the taste buds. This time out tongues and tastes took us to the less known culinary country of Germany. However this time we didn’t have such awesome connections such as was the case in Beijing, China. Therefore we started looking for recipes and food materials for ourselves to bring a German night possible. Are you exited? Well. As usual do let us know in the comments section.

We found out, that a great place to get food ingredients as well as the best books on the matter of recipes.. was the trusty American-known Amazon store. Turns out they have one in Germany too, and it’s hugely popular! Only problem was, that we don’t speak the German language and we don’t have any real German friends. And while to our understanding the country has become much better in foreign languages than before, Amazon seems to stick with the old German style of sticking with one way of doing this. It didn’t take us long to figure out a solution however, because we found an amazing guide for using in English language!! It was not that difficult in the end at all. Instead, we ended up browsing the store just like any other amazon store.

The whole experience felt like kind of shopping at a super market, except with home delivery and a bit of a wait as the package was prepared and sent from a different continent of course. Some great food ingredients we have gotten so far are:

  • German mustards
  • Marzipan
  • Quark
  • Caraway Seeds
  • Rum & other alcohol
  • Sauerkraut

And we plan on cooking some dishes such as:

  • Bremer Labskaus
  • Eisbein mit Sauerkraut
  • Rote Gr├╝tze

While this is just on the planning face. This time we wanted to share more insight on the very ingredients and dishes on our minds. Date has not been set yet. But if our friends and customers are excited enough about the new party, we we will hurry up for sure.

In the meantime, we will continue serving our delicious Indian ingredients. So come to shopping with us, while we shop at the wonderful to which we are very grateful. Excellent service and always something to look forward to.

Most delicious regards,
Mantra Authors.

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  1. Hi there. All I can say, that the Chinese night was simply fantastic and as for the German night idea.. I cannot wait. Thanks & looking forward my Indian friends!=)


  2. So refreshing ideas you guys have. Mantra goes German, sounds like an interesting night of food! Good luck shopping at Amazon, I hear they have a lot of stuff there. =)


  3. Thanks Nancy and everyone who bothered to comment. We all do it for our customers. Our experiment has been very successful so far, so more on that later.

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