Discover the Transformations of Parent Functions with Chris!

What transformations did Chris want to make to the graph of the parent function?

Choose the correct answer:

A. Vertically compressing the graph

B. Horizontally translating the graph to the left

C. Horizontally compressing the graph and translating it to the right

D. Vertically translating the graph down


The correct answer is C: Horizontally compressing the graph and translating it to the right.

Chris wanted to transform the graph of the parent function by horizontally compressing it for a specific period and translating it to the right. This transformation is a common practice in mathematics to adjust the appearance of functions.

When Chris graphed the function y=cot(2x-pi/4)+1, he followed the horizontal compression and translation steps properly. The only mistake he made was not using the exact function he intended to graph.

It is important to use the correct equation when graphing functions to achieve the desired transformation accurately. In Chris's case, he should have graphed y=cot(2x-pi/2)+1 instead of y=cot(2x-pi/4)+1.

By understanding and using the correct equations, Chris could have represented the transformations accurately on the graph, leading to a clear visualization of the modified parent function.

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