Beth's Effective Vocabulary Instruction for Second Graders

Which principle of vocabulary instruction is Beth following?

A. Vocabulary is learning best through direct, systematic instruction

B. Teachers should offer both definitions and context during vocabulary instruction

C. Effective vocabulary instruction must include depth of learning as well as breadth of word knowledge

D. Students need to have multiple exposure to new reading vocabulary words

The principle of vocabulary instruction that Beth is following is option C: Effective vocabulary instruction must include depth of learning as well as breadth of word knowledge.

By teaching synonyms, antonyms, and word origins of the weekly vocabulary words, Beth is providing her students with a deeper understanding of the words and expanding their word knowledge beyond surface-level definitions. This approach goes beyond just teaching the breadth of word knowledge (i.e., introducing new words) and focuses on developing a more comprehensive understanding of the vocabulary.

By exploring synonyms and antonyms, Beth helps her students understand the nuances of word meanings, which contributes to the depth of learning. Understanding word origins also provides insight into the historical and cultural contexts of words, further enhancing the students' grasp of the vocabulary.

Effective vocabulary instruction should not only focus on introducing new words but also on deepening students' understanding of those words through exploring different aspects like synonyms, antonyms, and word origins. This multi-faceted approach enhances students' vocabulary skills and helps them develop a richer language comprehension.

Beth's teaching method aligns with the principle that effective vocabulary instruction should include both depth and breadth of word knowledge, ensuring that students not only learn new words but also understand them in context and with nuances.

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