Understanding the Identity of Hijras in India

What is a group?

What does it mean to be a hijra in India?

Which statement is NOT true according to the text?


Probably B.


Based on the text, the statement that is NOT true is "The hijra identity is secret, and no one can tell who is or isn't a hijra".

A group is referred to as a collection of people who come together to form a relationship or connection with each other. These groups mainly form to perform collaborative activities to achieve something.

Hijras in India are a group of men who choose to have their penises surgically removed and renounce sexual desire and practice. Much of what it means to be a hijra has nothing to do with gender. Their lives are marked by self-sacrifice, poverty, and a highly stigmatized identity. If a man becomes a hijra, his identity becomes his master status.

Since they are neither male nor female and are not transitioning, most hijras and Indian society view them as being of the third gender. Their identity is not secret, and people can determine who is or isn't a hijra based on their identity.

Therefore, the correct option is A - "The hijra identity is secret, and no one can tell who is or isn't a hijra."

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