Chevron's Fracking Adventure Near Your Home!

What is Chevron interested in obtaining by deciding to frack near your home?

1. Natural Gas

2. Crude Oil

3. Coal


Chevron is interested in extracting natural gas through fracking.

Explanation: Chevron, by deciding to frack near your home, is primarily interested in obtaining natural gas from the earth. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a technique involving the injection of pressurized water mixed with other substances into drilled wells to extract gas trapped in underground formations.

While it has revolutionized the energy sector by providing an abundance of inexpensive natural gas and creating jobs, it also carries significant environmental and health concerns, such as potential water contamination, sound pollution, earthquakes, and even links to cancer.

Several tradeoffs exist when it comes to fracking. Communities may benefit from greater energy independence and lower energy costs, but at the expense of environmental integrity and public health. For instance, states like Colorado have policies in place requiring companies to restore the land post-extraction, but this presents its own costs and benefits. Also, there are worries about the contamination of fresh groundwater and the presence of hazardous substances in fracking fluid flowback like heavy metals and volatile organic compounds.

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