Gandhi's Principle of Satyagraha: A Quest for Truth

What does Gandhi's guiding principle, Satyagraha, mean?

a) Truth. b) Power. c) Money. d) Salvation.

Final answer:

Gandhi's Satyagraha means a resolute quest for truth, and it represents his principle of nonviolent resistance.

Explanation: Gandhi's guiding principle, Satyagraha, is a quest for truth. The term directly translates to 'holding onto truth' and is a method of nonviolent resistance or civil disobedience. Gandhi highlighted the importance of ahimsa (non-violence) as essential in the struggle for independence and to resist injustices.

He believed in fighting not for personal gain or power, but for the truth and the rights of the Indian people. Satyagraha became a significant part of India's passive resistance against British colonial rule, eventually leading to India's independence.

Gandhi's commitment to nonviolence indicated that his strategies were not aimed at seizing power or seeking money, but at achieving liberation and justice without inflicting harm.

The correct option is a) Truth.

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