The Best Indian Restaurants in Xian, China Reviewed

The ancient Chinese capital Xi’an or as it was then called Chang’an meaning “City of Eternal Peace” is world famous for the silk road. With the western influence of trade, a city was built like no other in China. People, religion and culture is melting in this delicious pot of the multicultural food city. And one of the major influences the city has had is the neighboring India of course.

Indian Restaurant

Now there are dozens of authentic Indian restaurants in the city and many of them are owned by a small Indian population that have settled there during it’s past. And don’t forget to catch some of the most amazing night shows such as the Tang Dynasty Show after dinner for a complete satisfaction of all your senses! Just check out the Xian Nightlife Guide for more venue information for and ticket bookings to these impressive spectacles.

Let the adventure to Indian food begin.

Redfort Cultural Restaurant

When looking for quality dining experience one of the biggest and the new names in the city is redfort, which is at the West Tang mall. This shopping place is packaged with high quality and international shopping stores. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and can cator to anything from small to big groups. With efficient and corteous service you won’t be dissapointed with the food offered here either. One of their specialities is the mint yoghurt sauce which accompanies many of the dishes. Giving unique flavor to those classic Chicken Masala and Tandoori Chicken dishes. With it’s impressive size and variety and food this restaurant has it all. As well as the convenient location at the popular Silk Road Street.

Delhi Darbar Xi’an

Another popular restaurant is the Delhi Darbar which is a stone throw away from most central sights near the Wild Goose Pagoda. While this is not a high-end restaurant you can end up spending a lot because of the tremendous variety in dishes. The most recommended and memorable experience is their wonderful curries, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are plentiful. The restaurant is not very big however which compensantes for it’s authentic and original atmosphere. So expect to queue if coming during the busiest lunch or dinner time. The restaurant is very clean, staff is warm and kind. The best alternative to redfort cultural restaurant who don’t want an expensive fine dining experience.

Ganges Indian Restaurant Xi’an

Another friendly establishment near the Pagoda is Ganges, which also very clean and has a cozy, smaller restaurant feel to it. If the popular Delhi Darbar is packed, you might consider this a useful second option nearby. With good service and an authentic taste, the owners are always very welcoming both in kindness and their dishes. We claim that the naan here is probably one of the best in the city.

These three restaurants have become our favorites in Xian. The perfect way to get ready for the exciting nightlife in the city ahead!

We hope that this little guide was helpful and let us know your experience and recommendations in the comments.