The Spice of Life

Collection of Spices

We at Mantra, believe in the spice of life. In ancient times, spices used to be very valuable and treasured ingredients. That was because they were not as abundant as in todays world. Even in India, the spice market has exploded in massive scale that could not have been even imagined before!

Of course this has some unfortunate effects, such as the use of them has lost some degree of importance. That’s why we at Mantra, are dedicated into reviving our senses towards the spice of life. Naturally, Indian food contains a lot of ingredients as it is well known for that. But it’s not just the skilful mix of those spices, it’s also the quality. That’s why it’s extremely important to know the source of the ingredients. For example, in China there is a lot of agriculture that produces cheap food stuff that is not suitable to experience Indian food the the fullest. In fact, many times knowing the country is also not enough. And that’s why when we travel to other countries, we always try to investigate and find good sources for the spices we use in our dishes.

We have had many amazing travels and trips just because of this, both in India and outside in other countries. Mainly in Asia. Hopefully we will be sharing some of those wonderful moments with everyone on our blog. So hold on tight to experience the spice of life. Both in food, and adventure!

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