The spirit of Masala

The spirit of Masala

I think a lot of our readers have heard about Masala before. It is an important ingredient in Indian cooking, making everything spicy.. even so spicy that some have difficulties to manage with it. But there are lots of different types and varities of Masala. All in all, it’s a mix of different spices and depending on the region and home in India the recipe can become very different.

For us, we are using a secret but traditional mix that has been caried over centuries by our ancestors. Many might make claims like that, because it is really true that India is full of such secret spices! The history is so long and the culture so deep, that it is no wonder to us at all. What’s interesting in the case of our restaurant, The Mantra, is that people have instantly fell in love with our Masala mix. In fact, many other restaurants have had to adopt their ingredients to fit Californian or American taste buds. Which has of course not been a good influence on the secret tradition of Indian cousine.

For us, we think that we have been incredibly lucky and managed to preserve the spirit of Masala in our food. It’s extremely important for us, to be able to show our customers the real India in all it’s aspects. And that if anywhere, is transmitted through taste. Fire and hot is definitely one of the important spirits of the Indian people. Likewise, we connect with all nations that have the capacity to appriciate that. Such as the neighbouring China for example. They have lots of spicy and hot food too!


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