Exploring the Phenomenon of Purple Spots on Oranges

What causes oranges in the refrigerator to develop purple spots?

Is it due to improper storage temperature?


Grayish spots on oranges in the refrigerator are caused by a common non-pathogenic mold known as Penicillium digitatum.

Oranges can develop purple spots when they are stored for an extended period of time in the refrigerator. The appearance of grayish spots on the peel is often due to a harmless mold known as Penicillium digitatum.

This type of mold typically thrives in cool, moist environments, making the refrigerator an ideal breeding ground for it to develop on the oranges' skin. While the presence of Penicillium digitatum may not necessarily affect the taste or quality of the fruit inside, it is important to properly store oranges in a dry and ventilated area to prevent mold growth.

To avoid the occurrence of purple spots on oranges, it is recommended to inspect them regularly for any signs of mold and to consume them within a reasonable timeframe to enjoy their freshness.

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