How Does Sound Travel?

What happens first when sound is produced?

A. A guitar string is plucked.

B. Sound waves travel through the air.

C. Vibrations occur in an object.

D. A person hears the sound.

What happens last when sound is produced?

A. Sound waves hit the eardrum.

B. The frequency of the sound is determined.

C. Sound waves reach the listener's ear.

D. The listener hears the sound.


The correct answer is D. The listener hears the sound.

When sound is produced, it starts with vibrations occurring in an object, such as a guitar string being plucked. These vibrations then create sound waves that travel through the air. The sound waves eventually reach the listener's ear, and the final step is when the listener actually hears the sound.

Understanding the process of how sound travels can help us appreciate the complexity of sound production and how we are able to hear various sounds in our environment.

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