The Radius of a Circle Calculation

Calculate the Radius of a Circle

To find the radius of a circle, we can use the formula: circumference = 2πr Given that the circumference of a circle is 12.3π in, we can plug in the value into the formula: 12.3π = 2πr Simplify the equation: 12.3 = 2r Divide both sides by 2 to isolate r: 6.15 = r Therefore, the radius of the circle is 6.15 inches.

The circumference of a circle is 12.3π in. What is the radius of the circle?

A) 43.96 B) 53.86 C) 99.02 D) 100.12 Eliminate D) 100.12 Answer: 6.15 Explanation: The circumference formula is equal to 2πr. By substituting the given circumference value, we can solve for the radius and determine that it is 6.15.

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