The Strength of Spanish Vocabulary

What is the Spanish word for "weak"?

O A. Debil B. Flaco OC. Fuerte D. Alto


The Spanish word for "weak" is Debil.

When it comes to expanding your vocabulary in Spanish, it's important to learn both positive and negative words. In this case, "weak" is translated to "Debil" in Spanish. This word can be used to describe physical weakness or lack of strength.

For example, you can say "El niño es debil" which means "The boy is weak." In contrast to the previous question about the Spanish word for "strong," knowing the antonyms of words can help you express a wider range of emotions and descriptions in the language.

By learning words like "Debil," you'll be able to communicate more effectively in various situations, whether you're describing someone's physical condition or discussing abstract concepts like weakness in character. Practicing these vocabulary words will enhance your language skills and help you become a more fluent Spanish speaker.

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